Why can’t we pick the heirloom we want?

As of this morning I have acquired the lifeline heirloom. I never use lifeline… Like ever. I am a wraith main and I spent so much time and money on that character just to get her heirloom. But now, I have reached my 500 Apex back and opened it and received like I said earlier the lifeline heirloom. Or something that is so expensive to obtain why are we not allowed to pick which one we get? I noticed that a lot of people have this problem, and people have even gotten so mad over it that they just sell their account to someone who wants it. I do not want to sell my account, I’m maxed level, have a decent amount of wins, and I bought the void Walker skin when it was out. I am immensely disappointed that I quite possibly might have to spend another thousand dollars just to get my heirloom. I feel like I’m being hustled and there’s nothing I can do about it.

The feeling is kind of like buying a $500 lottery ticket to get a supreme T-shirt… But mine came in the wrong size.

Does anyone on here know of anything you can do to make this process easier so I don’t Have to waste $500 again? Any help would be appreciated.

God I hate this loot box system!

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