Will mirage ever get a rework or buff?

I play Mirage a lot, not as much as wraith or octane but a good amount, he looks cool, he has great voice lines and all that. But his abilities are garbage.

His main ability is decent on people who are fairly new to the game and don’t understand mirage.

His ultimate is also pretty bad, when you see a bunch of mirages you know he’s invisible and yea invisibility is great but he isn’t even fully invisible, it’s actually pretty easy to see him even from a distance.

The only thing good about Mirage is that he has a smaller hit-box than Gibraltar and Caustic.

His passive is completely useless, they should either scrap it completely and replace it with a new one. Or at least make the decoy look downed instead of making it do the “obviously not mirage” animation. Or just increase the cloak time so you can crawl and hide.

I would honestly say Mirage is the worst character in the game in terms of abilities.

Edit: Just read a comment from someone on another post
They can buff Mirages Decoy by instead of Mirage saying “Bamboozled” when he uses it. He says “Bamboozled” when someone shoots his decoy

Source: https://www.reddit.com/r/apexlegends/comments/ccikug/will_mirage_ever_get_a_rework_or_buff/

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