Why not only Predator Players hate SBMM

People tend to dismiss the complains of good players because they just want to "pubstomp". However, as a below average player, it is impossible to enjoy my games. Long waiting times, constant early deaths and no way to gauge my progression what so ever, is not fun. Basically, the better I do, the harder the lobby becomes (so much for ever working up to the 20k badge).

It has reached a point where I can not solo que, and would rather just play ranked. That being said, I understand SBMM for very low levels, but this is ridiculous.
Not to mention, lower level players can also play ranked, and they will be put against lower level players, without creating distuptions.

Part of the experience is to go against various skill levels in pubs and gauging whether or not you should be taking a fight.
I have died a lot playing Apex, but it's those higher kill games that makes it worth it. These stale 1 kill game, final circle with 6 squads alive each in a building lobbies, is awful and just not fun.

I just don't feel like this is the place for such strict SBMM, which is why we have ranked. As a Noob player (Apex was my first FPS) I was crafting on the game, so that I could one day play around, carry newbies and get high kill games, this is just dissapointing.

Source: https://www.reddit.com/r/apexlegends/comments/e3n1a4/why_not_only_predator_players_hate_sbmm/

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