So I turned blue for the first time…

I have played 16k matches and never turned blue because I have never shot teammates except when RNG thought it would be nice to hit a teammate instead of the enemy, but that was always only one single shot.

This time I encountered a giant piece of sh_t and lost it for the first time – but he wanted exactly this. I was in my Löwe and he in a Leo PTA, firstly he blocked me from passing the bridge on Erlenberg, after tracking me I fell of the bridge, lost HP and almost landed on my back and would have died. I couldn’t take this audacity and shot him for the first time in my „WoT-Life“ on purpose.

The problem: I lost it, because he shot back (but only in the tracks). In retrospective he did that, to encourage me to shoot him again, which I unfortunately did, because I didn’t thought someone could take joy in being such an straight up as_hole.
Because I didn’t really know when you turn blue, but from Videos I have seen, I always thought it was three shots, I shot him for a third time (I later found out, it’s not about the shots, it’s about the damage) and I turned blue.

He didn’t lose any time shooting me for HP until he killed me. Luckily I didn’t shoot him a fourth time while he was shooting me to death, because now I know, that I would have been kicked out of the game then – which he also must have wanted, because after killing me I said that he should be reported and he only replied with „You still there blue man?“.
I told him he was a piece of sh*t and left the game – luckily not banned.
I thought about sending the replay to WG, but in the rules they say you should never ever shoot teammates, so that means I just should have been happy that he pushing me of the bridge didn’t kill me and continue with the game.

Anyway, that’s my story on turning blue for the first time.
What would you have done? Could I have done anything except ignoring him after pushing me of the bridge?


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