Xbox Elite controller binds for two paddles only?

What would be the most optimal setup if i only use the two smaller paddles?

Currently been using an Elite since launch but i have only ever used it as a stock controller. No paddles, hair triggers off, normal sticks ect. I've started using the taller right stick the same as the default kind but might change it to the taller domed one as i hear this is most beneficial. I run button puncher so i crouch and slide with the right stick.

I was thinking bottom left for jump and bottom right for crouch/slide and switch the controller layout back to default so i can punch with right stick. Would this be a good starting point to learn the paddles? I've tried the paddles on multiple occasions but never stuck to it for more then a day as i find them uncomfortable. I'm wanting to commit this time to improve my game play.

Cheers for any answers.


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