1.13 nerfed derp guns too hard

I sold my kv2 because 1.13 and dont say in the comments, just aim for weakspots. Your gun is so inaccurate its very unlikely to hit cupolas so good job wg kv2 is just now more rng dependant rather than skill dependant.

Yes now one shotting became a little easier because your shot no longer gets absorbed by lightly armored tracks.
However the splash damage got massive nerfs. My tiger 1 hull front got splashed for 150 with no crits. Yes 150. He reloads freaking 20 seconds and hits for 150. He should hit for 150 if he hit my turret front which is 210mm.

Now you can say he should have aimed for turret roof that is only 25 mm thick but again tiger roof is tiny and kv2 has no hopes to hit it reliably. Even if he does he has spent like 5 seconds aiming and everyone shoots him during that time. Now you can say he should just shoot ap, well 110 pen vs 100 mm is not really going to pen unless the tiger is a dumbass and doesnt angle if he knows kv2 might fire ap with 110 pen. Now you can say just shoot gold, yes that would pen but that means kv is now forced to fire gold and p2w. Previously i feared kv2's but now i can just peek a corner that is watched vy kv2 and he hits me for max 250 and i shoot him multiple times.
Good job wg you just turned derps to p2w and even more rng dependant and less skill dependant.

Source: https://www.reddit.com/r/WorldofTanks/comments/p0wdkj/113_nerfed_derp_guns_too_hard/

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