1-15 games

Churchill I

I drive towards the objective for 45 sec. I don't see any enemies, but during that time my team is 0-7 down. 45 sec…

I face a O-I, bounce my shot, he one-shots me. Same tier tank. At this time the score is 2-11 We're 60 sec onto the 15 min long game.


Or not

Weird game rather.

I team with a clan-mate. One with 52% WR, blue WN8.

He "calls" every game after 30 sec.

If team tanks are not in position after 30n sec he "calls" a win or lose on the discord chat.

Is this what happens every time I get a 2-15 loss or a 15-2 win? People are so "expert" they don't bother playing the field? So half the game are new/ clueless players, the other half just toss themselves to the flames?

Source: https://www.reddit.com/r/WorldofTanks/comments/lkpw21/115_games/

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