1.5.1 CT1: Type-61 Conclusion and Feedback

So yeah one last time I am here to talk about the last tank I tested, the Type-61. Like the STB-1 it got lower alpha, AP instead of APCR, better reload, better stabilization and more armor. I once again talked about this over here

Overall everything feels very good with this tank and I had from the 4 tanks I played a lot on CT1 the most fun. I am sure that people which love the M47 Patton will love this tank. The gun feels very formidable to use. Its snappy, accurate on medium distance, with a good crew and rations a 6.6 second reload time. Combined with 10 degrees of gundepression which aren't hidden behind a weird gimmick and its greatly improved HP/t ratio, it is a very enjoyable tank to play.

I am confident in saying that I performed better in the Type 61 then in the STB-1 because there is no gimmicky suspension which cuts your gundepression in half. Also the Type 61 has actually better dispersion during turret traverse then the STB-1.

The only two things I want to give as feedback are the lack of shells which definitely need an increase in their amount and maybe the accuracy during turret traverse might be too much for the tank. I experienced the Type 61 as very enjoyable and also very strong. The almost doubled gunmantlet armor caught me by surprise as I was driving the tank as well as driving against it.

Thank you for your attention and have a good start to the week

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Source: https://www.reddit.com/r/WorldofTanks/comments/bqv6xh/151_ct1_type61_conclusion_and_feedback/

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