My Thoughts on Jailing.

first of all, I'm a returning player, been playing since year 1, bought all of the founder packs, returning after 2 years of hiatus, honestly I thought the game was dying due to diminishing amount of players, some good friends I met in this game, even some stw youtubers I knew during my playtime (kriddle, david dean, bostonbowlofmilk) didn't even play the game as much. that's why I stopped playing stw (I still play br time to time)

so why did I return after 2 years?, I found out about supercharger and max pl not being 131 anymore, that kinda makes me mad that even my pl got reduced into 130, so I want to play again to restore my pl mainly, the discord community of this subreddit have been amazing helping me with msk (I didn't know it was a thing before) and lots of stuff, and I'll be forever grateful for that, they also introduced me to jailing, something that makes me able to solo a high level zone, without worrying if someone's gonna join or not, without worrying if someone's gonna leech or ruining my builds. (all of this have been a problem since the first days of me playing)

so yea even when ppl say that jailing is bad, or jailing takes the fun out of the game and all that stuff.., jailing have been a great help for me to overcome one problem this game have that is difficult to fix, it helped me to overcome the small player base and problematic players, it helped me play a game most people only play for vbucks, a game where the friends I knew no longer plays. it makes me wants to keep playing.

I don't know, maybe i'm just salty, maybe i'm just mad about it, but I just want to vent about it, my deepest thanks to people here who helped me during my return.


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