2020 anniversary. So… Lets guess the tank here I guess? Additional info leaked from game files


What is this? Its an easter egg.

Additional info leaked from game files(wotexpress):

  1. The tank, in the name of which there are these numbers, waited for 5 years from the moment it first appeared on the General Test, until it was put into the Research Tree.
  2. This number is very popular with Soviet anti-tank artillery. The Germans also often use it, but only they have it one less.
  3. That number is exactly how many British vehicles from the original Research Tree are in the current tree. (probably: Original british tree – removed british tanks)
  4. The American tank, in the name of which there is this number, has long been removed from the game, however, it still occasionally comes across in battles under a slightly changed name.
  5. It was this number that once made everyone run away without looking back from this Tier III tank destroyer.
  6. This figure is now present in the name of one of the Tier V tanks, although once there were no numbers at all on its name.

Did you remember all the answers to the previous questions? Now make a four-digit number out of them and think what to do with it.

For those who want to verify:












Source: https://www.reddit.com/r/WorldofTanks/comments/g17uxh/2020_anniversary_so_lets_guess_the_tank_here_i/

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