About 2.0 (Equipment remake)

Some things that are bad in 2.0.


Low tiers cant have repails, and medkit in same time… TELL ME WHY? WG idea is to make game better for noobs. What's hard on repailing modules, and using medkit. I like to play M2 Light and Pz. IC, after update will be totally useless. I think it's not good, but BAD for noobs, when anyone kills your commander, you are useless all the time in battle.

Next is equipment. Make lower cost for it. AND DON'T REMOVE SLOTS. Why you can't have binoculars on Low tiers, or camo net on Lights & meds. (I think it can be usefull on lower tiers: elc bis, pz ic, ect.)

Next thing is boost for equipment. Why tanks have that boost, and not any other (example: Leopard 1 have speed and spotting i think, why havent dmg?).

I think new update needs a BBBBIIIIGGGG remake, bexazse this is very bad.

Source: https://www.reddit.com/r/WorldofTanks/comments/h90nwr/about_20_equipment_remake/

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