Adapting to WoT PC from WoT Blitz?

If these types of posts aren't allowed, I apologize.

For reference, here's my WoT Blitz stats, and my WoT PC stats

With that out of the way I wanted to get some advice for adapting to WoT PC after playing WoT Blitz for a few years. I thought it would be somewhat easy given that I did pretty well at Blitz, and I got a false sense of skill from the tutorial battles. But as soon as I did my first couple battle with actual players I literally potatoed myself into 212 average damage with 0 percent survival rate. I did absolutely nothing of value in those two battles and was surprised I didn't get raged at for my crap performance.

I feel like I have an average understanding of the WoT PC game mechanics but my biggest failures are with map knowledge, which I would assume that knowledge just comes with time.

I'm intending to go down the American SPG line (rather than heavy/med/light/TD classes) since SPGs are something new I haven't experienced in WoT Blitz and the American line has especially hard-hitting guns.

I'm well aware that competence comes with time and experience, but I still want to know if there's anything I should know that's fundamentally different about the PC version, or any tips that would make me better and a more valuable player? I don't want to ruin this account with noob stats before I even have a chance to get better.

Thanks in advance


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