Are there any clans than don’t force you to “be active in teamspeak”?

I really miss platooning since all the guys I used to play with don't play anymore… I'm on NA and I tried looking at some platooning clans but they all have a rule about teamspeak being a must. I just want to platoon with guys and use the text chat because I find that much more comfortable. I've yet to find a clan with slightly above avg stats that are fine with no teamspeak guys. Even the ones that exist say stuff like "you need to join the server even if you don't speak" why? I just want to play tanks and platoon.

My stats are – 55% recent win, 1586 recent wn8.

My average stats are a mess because I played the first 10k battles at 12fps in 480p and mostly in arty.

I really like mediums, lights and TDs. Not really good at heavy tanks and I don't like tier 10 games (though I have a 140, it collects dust in my garage. I've almost unlocked most of the Russian tier 10 heavies) and the batchat ap, the foch and almost done with my 13 90 grind.

Any ideas about which clans I could join? I'm not uni clan wars, but I've done tournies before and they have been a lot of fun (we won a few 5vs5 with some guys I managed to put together) ultimately, I'm looking for a platooning clan where I can make long term platoon friends.


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