ARMORGUIDE: Object 279 Early

Well hello there. I tried once again to make a Guide on how to penetrate the Object 279 Early. ( also I am still not sure what name to take so I changed it again :V)

Obviously I did a video about it with video material to most things I try to talk about in this post. You can find it over here.

I know its a long Video but it was more or less necessary to show off what exactly the armor of the 279 looks like and where it can be penned properly. Also if you enjoyed it I would highly appreciate a sub over there, but without further ado, the actual thing we all want to know.


Well… the tank has no lower plate… well it has one, which is 260mm thick and is slightly angled downwards giving it around 300+mm of effective armor. The bellyarmor of the beast is sadly also not really a weakspot for most guns. Only JgPzE100, FV 183 and Stage II can pen it due to Overmatch. The bellyarmor is 55mm thick. So please when you see a 279 coming over a hill, don't try to waste a shot in it. The only thing I can notably say about it, is that it is rather vulnerable to HE. But now the real weakspot(s). They are the Cupolas at 210mm of armor.

Please focus the right Cupola. Its bigger and easier to pen as it has no weird angling like the left cupola

They are sadly the ONLY weakspot a T8 tank can pen the tank frontally or a T10 tank without premium rounds can do damage. Thats it… The only "cheeky" Weakspot I found is the enginedeck which is uniform 30mm thick. Meaning even my trusty 3marked Churchill Gamecarrier can Overmatch it with AP. This is also why Arty is an effective counter. HOWEVER HE in general can be an effective counter for lowertiered tanks. Just aim at the track links ( the white thingies in the picture). The HE explodes and splashes onto the 55mm belly armor to do a decent chunk of damage. Did around 140dmg on average in 3 shots in the Chieftain and my Churchill Gamecarrier did 90 DMG with an HE shot there.

Weaker parts of the frontal armor:

The frontal armor in general is weak when you stand above the 279. Then the nicely bulgeous shape looses all its magic. If the 279 sits above you, you loose except you hit the cupolas. In general however I noticed in total 3 spots where the armor frontally is the weakest. ALTHOUGH you still have to load premium rounds of a T10 Tank ( 907 and Chieftain in my test) to punch through. Just on those spots it was most consistent and easiest.

Behind the lamp and on the left side of the ladder is a 120mm plate which is easier to pen then most other stuff of the upper front plate. Also please notice the spot bellow the mudguard and view port. This part is in my opinion the "easiest" to hit as it is the biggest spot.

In general please keep in mind, as soon as the 279 angles towards you, then shoot at the side facing you, most of the time it is much easier to pen then aiming for those spots above. In general you need a decent chunk of thinking and premium rounds to punch through this beasts armor.

The sidearmor:

The Sidearmor is luckily weaker then the frontal plate. It still can do magic bounces like a 907 does. However in general I advise to aim as low as possible As then the shape of the side armor goes back to a more flat angle.

The lower and the further to the front the better. Its a bit complicated to just show via pictures so once again I plug myself and suggest to watch the video as I explain this spot thoroughly

Try not to aim too high becuase then chances are your shot will riccochet because of the weird form of the hull.

And I think that is about it. Or rather the most important things about the 279's Armor. Lastly the butt is weak. Just 90mm thick so it should be good to go.

I hope I was able explain roughly the armor of this beast. I also hope you now have it easier to fight against this behemoth. If you enjoyed this guide I would highly appreciate a sub over here. And well again, thank you so much for your attention and have good luck fighting!




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