Batika – 9th optinion: Wargaming Game Center Client is the most unoptimized application in the world.

This garbage is burning my PC to trash when it starts "Installation" of new updates. I had to pause installation process just to open my firefox browser and write a reddit post. My computer becomes virtually impossible to use. 16 GBs of DDR4 ram and 7th gen i7 cpu don't seem to be enough for it. I know I am not alone. This seems to be a universal problem people are for some reason not talking about as much. Google chrome is Semechki compared to this Game Center's installing process. Also, I am not sure yet, but after exploring game center files and a task manager a bit(Are there any wargaming emplyees here on reddit? I need you to verify my thoughts): Seems to me that WG is using some kind of very unpotimized rendering engine for rendering web content(And the hypothesis: Are you guys seriously using game engine to render a web content?). Not sure though, why installation goes so hard on the PC.

I need WG to implement a temporary setting option called "Limit installation memory usage". Until you fix and re-write your game center, but hope once you start doing this, don't let your quality control manager drink 9th Baltika for at least a month.

Thats all I wanted to say to Wg. From redditors, do you encounter such problem? What machines are you using?



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