Black Market Pro-Tip: Not EVERYTHING is for YOU

I've seen so many posts on here and other places with things like "Oh, X deal is really overpriced and stupid" or "Man, who would ever want to buy one of those?" People need to understand that, out of the 14 tanks that are to be sold over this Black Market week, that not every tank deal will appeal to you and that's okay. If someone looks at the Type 59-G and has a ludicrous amount of gold sitting around and wants to buy them, that's fine. If you can't, that's fine too. I've heard multiple complaints that the Alpine Tiger for 10,000 gold is a terrible deal. Hey, if someone really wants an Alpine Tiger and is willing to spend the money on it, fuckin let 'em.

Wargaming is putting out bargains for people of all sorts, such as how the free to play folk that get a Tier 8 premium for 5 million credits is astonishingly good. The super wealthy players that have been sitting on a mountain of gold from Christmas boxes or what have you can convert it into something they can show off. Personally, as a player that hasn't been on WoT for a few years, it's nice to see opportunities open up for those of us that simply weren't around for the first offer.

Enjoy it, friendos.


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