Breakdown for Equipment 2.0

Okay, long time lurker, been playing since July 2011, yada-yada.

So I've been reading all these new posts about Equipment 2.0. Tons of misinformation and confusion being spread like coronavirus. So I've decided to write this post, hopefully it will get some traction.

Before the update:

– Camo Net, flat 100,000 credits, regardless of tier.

– Coated Optics, flat 500,000 credits, regardless of tier.

– Binoculars, flat 500,000 credits, regardless of tier.

– Toolbox, flat 500,000 credits, regardless of tier.

– Gun-Laying Drive, flat 500,000 credits, regardless of tier.

– Equipment could only be changed around the slots by demounting them.

After the update:

– Class 3 equipment (tier 2, 3, 4) cost 50,000 credits.

– Class 2 equipment (tier 5, 6, 7) cost 200,000, 300,000 credits for Gun Rammer.

– Class 1 equipment (tier 8, 9, 10) cost 600,000 credits.

– Camo Nets are exception, tier 2, 3, 4 cost 50,000 credits, and tier 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, and 10 cost 100,000 credits.

– Equipment can be changed around the slots by dragging and dropping them.

What does this mean?

Okay, so here is where all the confusion starts. After the update, all equipment that did not have a tier factor, such as Coated Optics, Binoculars, Toolbox, will be determined under a tier. They will automatically be converted to the highest tier (Class 1).

– This means all your tier 8, 9, and 10 tanks do not have to worry about demounting equipment, unless you want to change one of the three existing equipment into a new one.

– For example, say you have IS-7 (tier 10 Russian tech tree) slotted with Vertical Stabilizer Mk 1 (worth 500,000 credits), Improved Vents Class 3 (worth 600,000 credits), Large-Caliber Tank Gun Rammer (worth 500,000 credits) before the update. After the update, you will have Vertical Stabilizer (Class 1) (worth 600,000 credits), Improved Vents (Class 1) (worth 600,000 credits), and Gun Rammer (Class 1) (worth 600,000 credits). You can swap the Vents with the Vertical Stabilizers in the menu without demounting anything to get the first slot bonus! Your equipment went up in 200,000 credit value, which will be important later.

– Next example, say you have the ELC EVEN 90 (tier 8 French Premium), fun passive scouting tank. You have Coated Optics (worth 500,000), Binoculars (worth 500,000) and Camo Net (worth 100,000). After the update, they all become Class 1 equipment, but that doesn't matter, since the ELC EVEN 90 is a tier 8 and it can keep them mounted.

Okay, so here's to those with over 300 tanks.

Say you like to play your Valentine II (tier 4 Russian Premium) as a bully, with maxed camo so nothing can find you as you beat them with your pew pew gun. You have mounted on it Coated Optics (worth 500,000), Binoculars (worth 500,000) and Camo Net (worth 100,000) before the update, but after the update, you noticed that they became…Class 1 equipment? This means that you can demount them for free, because they do not belong on a tier 4 tank, but why?

Since the Valentine II is a tier 4 tank, it will use Class 3 equipment, or Class 2 equipment when it comes to the Camo Net. That's right! Class 3 equipment only cost 50,000 credits, and the Camo Net breaks even (for tier 2, 3, and 4) because before the update, you buy it at 100,000 regular price, and now you can sell the Class 1 Camo Net to buy the Class 2 Camo Net for your tier 4 tank, which costs 50,000. The other two equipment on your Valentine II, the Coated Optics (Class 1) can be sold for 300,000 credits, and the Binoculars (Class 1) can also be sold for 300,000 credits. This means you can buy 6 Coated Optics (Class 3) and 6 Binoculars (Class 3) by selling one Class 1 of each type. Are you following what I'm saying?

This means, say you had 60 tier 2, 3, and 4 tanks, chances are you will get a lot of equipment being automatically converted to the highest class, you are getting 250,000 credits back by selling any Class 1 equipment to exchange for Class 3 equipment for tier 2, 3, 4. This also applies to Class 2, you will be getting back 100,000 credits for exchanging Class 1 equipment to Class 2 for your tier 5, 6, and 7 tanks. After the update, all unmatching class equipment (basically, check binoculars, coated optics, camo nets, toolbox, gun-laying drive on your tier 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7 tanks) can be demounted for free, just look for the little indicator.

All in all, this new equipment patch 1) benefits people who have a lot of low tier tanks loaded with universal equipment. You are going to get a lot of credits back. 2) doesn't really affect high tier tanks unless they choose to buy the new equipment, which they will have to use demounting kits and credits.

If there is anything I said that seems off, I used this site that shows you what is converted after the update, and this site to show the breakdown of the costs.

IMPORTANT EDIT: Guys, please note you are not going to make any gains from this patch. It is simply a rebate/partial refund on equipment you have already purchased. I feel like this should’ve been mentioned the moment the equipment 2.0 was announced by Wargaming. Do not buy any universal equipment for low tiers since you will be losing a lot of credits. 500,000 Coated Optics will become 50,000 Coated Optics for Class 3 after the update! If you had bought it now, you will only be getting 250,000 back out of the 500,000 spent, which means you lost 250,000, compared to only spending 50,000 after the update!


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