Broken game

Hello, I'm writing this in order to ask if there's some else that had my same issue recently.
Today, at 7am CET I decided to sell some tier8 premiums, two of them in order tu purchase the tier9 Conqueror because as many of you know, since matchmaking is literally cancer pretty much at any tier, tier9 seems to work the best.
So after selling the patriot and the renegade in order to have some more credits, I buy the conqueror, I buy the consumable and equipment, put a camouflage on and right before I decide to get into battle I get disconnected for the daily shit server restart.
Well, no problem even tho I'm a person who has only a few hours in the morning available to play this cancer game and the server restart takes more than half an hour, not to mention that whatever event wg makes, I can't participate for some reason, cause fuck the people that can only play in the morning.
Anyway, the thing is that after the server restart I open the game and the Conqueror is gone, the 2 premium tanks are still sold, I have only 200k credits not 5millions as after I sold the patriot and renegade, no equipment in the depot, just the camouflages. So basically I got robbed for 5 million credits pretty much.
I'm writing this here hoping that it might get some attention and it might help me out somehow, cause it's been 3hours since I wrote a ticket and nobody replied, 3 fucking hours, top quality support of company who made probably billions of dollars.
So, for you folks that wanna start playing the game, just dont, it's pure cancer, it will only ruin your life, make you a toxic person and steal your money, and for the ones that started recently, quit as soon as you can.
Thank you for your attention.


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