(Buffs and Nerfs?) Power to the Tankers!

Hello to the community! I’ll state the point of this post immediately and follow with details: What if we had the power to help choose what needs to be nerfed, and what needs to be buffed actively and constantly?

Now mostly what I’ll use is tier 10, but this applies to tiers 6 and 8 as these are used for skirmishes and for 8, credit earning.

This thought came to my head because it’s clear there are some unbalanced tanks in this game (Chieftain at Tier 10, wheelie boys, LefH at tier 5, WG pretending they nerfed Obj 430U) and underpowered tanks (Cent AX vs STB-1, STA-2 being the worst of premium meds atm, others you may know) or have ridiculous weak spots. (PZ Kpfw VII, WZ 113G-FT being so giant and sub-par frontal armor, TVP VTU being a roll of a dice tank, with 5/6 outcomes not being your friend)

Some tanks just don’t live up to the meta and thus fall below the waist despite them being fun or possibly competitive. Now I understand it’s hard to find tune with so many tanks in the game especially making sure that somehow each tank gets better as you tier up in the tech tree of a tank. However, that is not an excuse, especially with how much money is given to this company on a weekly basis.

For ex. Hearthstone expansions come out every 4 months, and cost about $80 for the mega value pack so it’s roughly $20 a month to play, and they tune cards the appropriate amount imo.

Super Smash Bros has a huge roster of fighters and they are fine tuned and even though some fighters are considered better, every fighter is playable, and about 9/10 of that roster is competitive. For a 1 time pay game that’s pretty nice.

And there are more games you can likely mention. My point is that we as the community need to do 2 things:

  1. I thought to myself and said if I could pick any tank from either tier 6, 8, or 10, totaling up to 6 tanks, what tanks would I buff or nerf and a short explanation why.
  2. As a community who wants this game to be fun and competitive, we need to call out WG more often and with more force like we did with ranked and not wanting reward tanks in that. PLEASE SHARE THIS and let me know your thoughts about this. Thank you for reading!

TL;DR We should actively have a part on what tanks should get nerfed and buffed for the time and possibly money we give WG, especially at tiers 6, 8, and 10. SHARE THIS!

Edit: I’ll post my 6 tanks later tonight.

Source: https://www.reddit.com/r/WorldofTanks/comments/if7q5s/buffs_and_nerfs_power_to_the_tankers/

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