“Buy it now” Battle Pass package

Here is a breakdown of my route for those curious on the cash route:

$28 (improve pass package) + $57 (25k gold with 45% discount coupon) + $51 (12k gold package) = $136 bucks

For $136 bucks I was able to get:

  • 2 tier 9 premium tanks with unlimited large repair kits

  • 69 days of premium times

  • 8 million credits

  • 3 pieces of bounty equipments and 6 pieces of regular equipments

  • 3 unique 3D styles and 3 unique 2D style

  • Bunch of training manuals

  • National blueprints and universal blueprints

IMO, this is actually quite a good deal from WG for those who want to pay the cash route as you get quite a bang for your bucks. A typical tier 8 premium usually sell for 50 bucks so since you technically can get 2 tiers 9 rewards tanks, that alone is around 90 to 100 bucks value. And you pay like 40 bucks extra for the rest of the stuffs which is a killer deals

Source: https://www.reddit.com/r/WorldofTanks/comments/mb15qq/buy_it_now_battle_pass_package/

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