Can’t decide on my Tier IX Chuck Discount

Currently have the Type 4 Heavy and WZ-132A unlocked. I alsohave a previous 30% discount along with the Fragments for the Type 5 to be an Instant unlock if I drop 65k free xp on the Type 4's Gun to just skip to the the X for now if I really wanted so don't really need to buy the Tier IX but still want it in the collection eventually. Post HE nerf the Japanese HTs lost some of their motivation to buy since the 15cm is HE or Premium ammo only so will probbaly result in them sitting collecting dust for a while.

Other option I am leaning towards is the WZ-111G FT as I am up to the tier VIII currently. I really have enjoyed going up this line the last 2 weeks. But also had fun in the underpowered WZ-132 light line over the years just not a very good light player. Having alot harter time playing the BC12t and other french LTs than I did the Chinese LTs.

Current Tier X tanks that I have purchased or at least unlocked are the STB-1, Obj 140, T-62A, 121, 121B, IS-4, IS-7, Maus, 113, Obj 277, WZ-111 5a, Obj 268, Jagdpanzer E100, T110E3, T110E4, and Obj 261. Close on the Leopard 1, T110E5, S Conq, BC 25t.

Abandoning the German Arty after I finish the GW Tiger P, French and US arty at Tier VII unlocked,UK Meds at the Tier VIII Centurion. Made it to tier VII P.43 ter being unlocked but will be a bit before I buy it due to saving credits to buy black market auction tanks for the moment.


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