Crew Books: Tactics of use

So… They give a certain amount of XP to all crew members in a tank of the respective nation they are for, as long as the crew members are trained to that tank they're sitting in.

The Training manual is purchasable for 2.000.000 credits and gives 250k XP to every crew member, independant of their amount.

Doesn't that mean that the best idea, and the best thing you can do, is to use the manuals on crew members sitting in a tank with a big crew count?

For example: You just bought a KV-2(R) with its BiA-crew, and want to reskill that crew to use it on the Obj. 277 .

First use the Training manual on your KV-2(R) crew in order to give all of the 6 crew members 250k XP each – a total amount of 1.500.000 XP – *then* reskill the 4 required crew members to the Obj. 277. Right?

I just wanted to make sure I got this right and am making no mistake here. Isn't this how it is?


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