did I miss something or is mirny just another enormous grind? no wait, paywall?

Encryption keys, you can earn 6 per day from daily missions, times 13 days = 78 keys. To unlock all reels you need 10 x 2 + 20 x3 + 30 x 3 = 170 keys. Ok, so I can earn 78 keys but I need 170 keys to get the old twitch reward tiger which they took away from us for some reason. Is there some way to finish this event without paying? Even theoretically?

I wish WG put more effort into designing/fixing game modes so they were fun to play rather than

  • design new game mode
  • make it fun so people play it voluntarily excruciating torture, but put a valuable prize at the end
  • the player pays money to make the torture stop and receive the prize
  • or with frontlines, make a fun game mode then intentionally turn it to shit because it gives players too many credits which interferes with monetization elsewhere

It's like the left off the valuable prize part- all this for the captured king tiger which most players already had from twitch prime until WG took it away from us because they are assholes?

Those swedish streamer guys (epic awesome guys?) made a point in a video that if WOT were like a normal game they wouldn't have to bribe players into playing ranked. Right now ranked is toxic and horrible and everyone plays it like a grind and then quits immediately because you need stuff like bond turbo to do CW properly. Can you imagine if the mode didn't suck and tryhards just played ranked for fun on a regular basis?

Source: https://www.reddit.com/r/WorldofTanks/comments/qgxt74/did_i_miss_something_or_is_mirny_just_another/

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