Discussion on improvements the game needs

Main suggestions

I have seen a lot of players defend crew 2.0, and when pressed they list the same features over and over again. Free sixth sense, multiple tanks per crew, more useful skills, better UI. And then they agree that all the other tosh ruins crew 2.0. So how about WG simply improve Crew 1.0 with these changes;

Make sixth sense a base perk.

Allow crew members of the same nation and vehicle type to be trained to equipped to several tanks, but only in battle for one tank at a time.

Rework a few skills to make them more viable.

Another massive issue for the game right now, and for this game to progress to an eSport, is reward tanks. If WG won’t balance the Chief, 907, 279E then simply remove them from any competitive game modes. Anything clan related, anything like ranked. Let them roam the matchmaker (but it would be advised to balance them still).

The credit economy at tier X sucks ass. You have to run food, and some gold ammo to be competitive but you will still lose credits despite having huge games. WG should permanently reduce the cost of food from 20K to 10K to allow for F2P players to fill the matchmaker at high tiers with more competitive tanks (longer games) and for lower tiers to reduce seal clubbing. Players who buy food etc at lower tiers versus new players are ruining the matchmaker.

Less popular suggestions

This is a far less popular suggestion but one I personally believe in. +1-1 matchmaking should be prioritised over +2-2, when there are enough players in the queue I would happily wait 10-20s longer for a higher chance of +1-1. Maybe there could be an option you tick in the top right of the search screen called “optimised matchmaking” with a question mark next to it that you hover over and read “longer matchmaking for more optimised games, including equal allotments of tanks, a smaller tier spread and better ping.”

The recent controversy around tier 9 tanks highlights the credit economy issue further, I believe. A lack of tech tree tanks in the matchmaker is having huge consequences for the games future. An option to enrich tanks to earn more credits could help players run more tech tree tanks in games and at tier X. This would have to be super tested and fine tuned. The option could be either credits, XP or gold at higher tiers. Would love to enrich my t29, 60tp, 50B and play them rather than farming the Skoda and Renegade all day long.

HP at lower tiers is far too low. A lot of tanks max out their Alpha, more or less, around tier 7/8 then keep it until even tier X. We have mediums hitting 300-400s from tier 7-10 but their health can almost double. Tanks at very low tiers die too quickly if they make mistakes. You have too many one shot tanks, too many one shot clips, whereas higher tier tanks can survive much longer. I think tweaks to the health pool of lower tier tanks (1-6) would be an improvement to the lower tier experience.

Source: https://www.reddit.com/r/WorldofTanks/comments/pc1br1/discussion_on_improvements_the_game_needs/

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