Do you think the buffs the 121 got are even nearly enough to make it competitive again?

The 100 extra hp it got come in handy but the engine horsepower boost is hardly noticeable and the 270 mm effective frontplate armor is only reached if you use 7 degrees out of your 5 degrees of gun depression so you hardly ever have these effective values.

The gun handling is still shit and they even said that they‘re gonna buff the frontal turret armor but that didn‘t happen.

Imo they should let the armor be as it is but buff the aim time and the accuracy. I‘m thinking about 2.00 s stock aiming time instead of 2.59 s and 0.31 stock dispersion instead of 0.34.

Maybe give it a few more horsepowers or buff the terrain resistance values and it could be played as a Leo1/E50M hybrid. It would be good for sniping and could bounce the occasional round off it‘s turret but the main playstyle would be a support vehicle for the 2nd or 3rd line with a hard hitting and fast aiming gun.


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