Flatline ‘Hazard Pay’ Legendary Skin is 50% Off In The Store

Ever since Respawn introduced the whole [insert percent off] feature in the store, people have been begging for items to be discounted to where you could buy $9.99 worth of Apex coins and buy the item you actually want instead of being leftover with spare coins that you couldn't spend on something else in the store. Well, it seems that yet again Respawn has listened to us!

Back when the whole fiasco of what happened during the Iron Crown event, people were expressing their displeasure in the whole discount system because of how they'd have to pay more than what an item was worth in real money and not have enough coins after that to buy anything other than Apex packs. This was because of how someone at Respawn explained that they had seen no evidence to suggest the discount system was working how they wanted it to and that there weren't really any extra purchases made because of it.

I haven't really shunned Respawn for anything they have done. I was not participating in the whole fiasco here on Reddit during that weekend. I enjoy playing Apex and want to see it become a big game in not only the free market but the eSports scene as well. So, from the bottom of my heart, thank you Respawn for continuing to listen to your community's feedback on issues even when there was a lot of toxicity involved. I, along with plenty of others, enjoy playing Apex and will continue to play and support it during the rest of Season 2 and throughout Season 3.

Source: https://www.reddit.com/r/apexlegends/comments/d6lef1/flatline_hazard_pay_legendary_skin_is_50_off_in/

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