Does “Field modification” have Bugs and problems ? or is this normal ?

can you PLZ just answer me this question. will be very appreciated.

with Brothers in Arms and Vents when you activate "improved sight" does "Bourrasque" Dispersion value goes from .38 to .37 ? or not ?

and i ask that because on my other premium medium tanks like (122TM an Kpz 07) my Dispersion goes down by .01 and that is not happening on "bourrasque".

and 2% on a base value of .40 should have a higher effect than .34 ! right? or Aiming Circle reduction doesn't effect the Dispersion ? then why effects that on (Kpz 07) ? and on (Kpz 07) goes from .32 to .31 ?

so is this a software Bug or it's normal ? because it doesn't make sense to me if 2% in "Aim circle" reduction doesn't translate to better Dispersion in stats ! so what is Going on ?

then what is the point of 11.5K XP and 55K credit i just wasted on this ? can i be reimbursed ?


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