double cannons new mechanics ¿ Will WG again treat us like idiots?

So this is WG's new economic model? try new mechanics in premium tanks that unbalance the game, then they will say "we can't nerf it because we don't want to be sued, but the tank will never sell again" of course as they did with the defender and the IS3A (it is being sold today in NA ).

Just think about it, Italian mechanics tested with the Progetto, Italian reverse mechanics, tested with the IS3A, clown cars tested with the EBR 75, all these are premium which means they can't be nerfed, but WG is still doing this trickster movement and now it is The turn of the double cannons.

why the community continues to allow this to happen, is WG's most dishonest business, what do you think about it?

Obj 703 II


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