Ebr 105 and Equipment 2.0

Hello fellow tankers, I've been struggling with what equipment to use on my Ebr 105. I know how probably all of you feel about this vehicle, but please no trolling, I just want to know your equipment setups. The Ebr is fast, but I find it's spotting capabilities rather lackluster with certain setups. I have 3 kind of basic options in the poll, but if you prefer something different, please let me know what it is and why 🙂

Also, bond equipment is obviously required in the long run, but I don't have access to it yet. What is the 'meta' equipment setup that is balanced around spotting?

Edit: This thread is not for complaining about the Ebr 105 guys, obviously it can be cancerous, but only in capable hands. Don't say anything if it's not going to be constructive.

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