Economy is incredibly terrible, ruining the pleasure.

First of all, this is just a real case, that shows how economy is totally broken. There are already an incredible number of complaints about this, so don't be aggressive and go elsewhere if you are going to defend the economy. (Talking about Tier 10)

Account is premium. Tank is Type 5 Heavy.
6 Kills.
6397 damage done
1470 blocked damage
1151 spot damage
(Many achievements, check imgur link)

100k silver gained.
13xHE used so 71.5k ammo cost.
Repaired Tank, around 14k cost.
So in the end, only about 15k net worth.

Sorry but just what the fuck ? It is not a battle played at the level of God, but if we think about the current situation of game, it is a ordinary and great battle for this shit mm. Everyone is spamming HE unbelievably. That's why it is compulsory to use HE (those who say p2w or those who do not cannot complain, this is a game mechanic) I can throw such examples for not only tier 10 but also tier 8 and 9. I'm tired of grinding, despite the premium account, none of my games give what I deserve. Tier 10 is not a level where you will get stressed out and lose your game fun, on the contrary, it is a level where you will be rewarded for reaching this far, WG needs to understand this.


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