Equipment 2.0 & IS-7


I am theorycrafting possible equipment builds for the IS-7 using the new equipment system. Nothing wrong with the traditional Vents/Rammer/Vstab, but what else could we come up with?

It's an established fact that the IS-7 has serious troubles reaching its nominal top speed of approximately 60 km/h, and improving on that can make its playstyle a lot more mobile than conventional heavy tanks, closer to the 277.

Here's some possibilities I've considered (equipment in [brackets] going for the slot bonus):

  • Turbocharger, Rammer, Vertical Stabiliser
  • Additional Grousers, Rammer, Vertical Stabiliser
  • Turbocharger, Rammer, Additional Grousers
  • [Improved Hardening], Rammer, Vertical Stabiliser
  • [Improved Hardening], Rammer, Turbocharger
  • [Improved Hardening], Rammer, Additional Grousers
  • [Improved Ventilation], Rammer, Turbocharger
  • [Improved Ventilation], Rammer, Additional Grousers
  • Improved Rotation, Rammer, Turbocharger
  • Improved Rotation, Rammer, Additional Grousers

Basically, a few different builds that all try to remedy the mobility of the vehicle, some sacrificing gun stabilisation, others sacrificing the bonus slot, and some sacrificing both. Any thoughts on the topic?


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