Freaking steel hunt is rigged

Yeah here it goes I read it on several occasions, but now it happened to me…. 4 people ganged up on me…..

So it was early game I had a good start with supply. Got in a 1v1 then a second guy joined. All good for now

I had more health so obviously he shot me and I changed my focus on him.

No to the part where I'd like to use some bad language but let's call those 4 cucumbers­čśí

Because as I backed up in a corner for hoped angeling and safe back, two other tanks drove in together and all of them happily aimed for me…..

Weird coincidence right?

Anyways I had to give my anger room and I'll look if there's a replay and I'll contact wg about it…..
*ironical laughter

Yeah that will show them and wg will sure do something about it……….

Right, and tomorrow Santa comes around and gets me my unicorn……..


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