Fun EBR games

Playing MALINOVKA in my 105 i notice theres alot of TDS trying to kill me on the other side. No problem lol thats what theyre for. Then go to a bush and wait for an opening in their team to poke at. A STRNG (all my respect for that guy is gone) and another PINGU guy along with some others continue to pester me on how i should try to suiscout my way to the other side and spot for them. So the strng guy has had enough of me ig and pushes me out of a bush and tries to kill me; receiving a solid -900 in the process from whatever it was and then recieves an arty shot to the face. I escape and at this point ive had enough of this match and go for the south to try and get away from these losers. Once i get to the other side and about 20 insults later i get to the other side of the field track an fv 183 a friendly kills it and i get badgered (i was a 1 shot) to which the pingu replies finally that pos dies… what a great experience. To think i was just thanking this game yesterday on the post some guy put about his son LO LOK THEN WOT THE GAME THAT KEEPS ON GIVING! 😀 hope that guy turned his sons chat off holy crap!


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