General changes in gameplay

Over the past 2 months, I've noticed an incredible change in wot gameplay, mostly regarding the increased use of premium ammo and performance of new premium tanks.
I'm not saying this is something that everyone's noticed, but I certainly have. For example, my FV4202 used to be able to hold its own against T8 and T9, but now its just an HP pool for faster and more armoured tanks. My CDC and Super Pershing are completely useless for over a year now and heavies like IS3 and 110 are almost extinct.
These are just a few examples from the top of my head. Tanks like the Tiger 1 and 2 and the Japanese T6 Tiger are also outdated, almost impossible to see in the battlefield.
I've got the impression that armour doesn't play any role in this game. Its almost as if people are only playing OP tanks and shooting only gold ammo because fck game mechanics.
Maybe its just me. I'm not saying its something everyone's experienced, but starting now from T8, gold ammo is 60% of the time a standard. It used to be T9 and T10 in my experience, but I'm seeing more and mote T8 tanks only using gold ammo.

So my question is, have other ppl seen this trend in their gameplay?

I'm not a competitive player and most gold ammo i carry is 6 shells out of 50, so I can reset the cap or something like that, but for me, the game is starting to look a bit ridiculous and I've played it for 8 yrs now.


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