Gold, Premium Account or Premium Tank, which one should you choose?

Saw some new players asking on how to spend money in WoT so decided to make a short guide.

(Will edit if there are better inputs in the comments)

Which to choose?

Gold, Premium Account or Premium Tank?



  • Flexible currency (can be used for Premium account or Premium tank and more)
  • Ability to convert to Free XP
  • Able to buy garage slots, barrack slots and retrain 100% crew


  • No immediate advantage ingame
  • Expensive to convert gold to credits
  • Ability to buy tanks in gold are uncommon (Referring to those non-techtree premium tanks)

Premium Account


  • 5 daily x3 exp victory bonuses that can be applied to specific battles
  • Increased credit & exp earning per game (u may lose little to none on T8 battles)
  • Reserve Stock up to 750k weekly
  • Daily missions (50k credits, x3 exp, 25 bonds)
  • 1 additional excluded map
  • Very good for grinding tech tree tanks
  • Credit Crew Trainer (From extra credit earning, to buy the 2mil credit training booklet)


  • Inflexible time-based subscription
  • Expensive for shorter durations
  • World of tanks subscription does not apply to other games ie WoWS etc
  • no premium tank

Premium Tank


  • Immediate "advantage" ingame (premium tanks are usually better than tech-tree similars)
  • Increased credit and exp earning for that particular tank.
  • Ability to put any crew without retraining (as long as Same Country Same Class of tanks)
  • Crew Trainer (not so much relevant as you can now spend 2mil credits to buy the booklets)
  • There Forever (One time payment and you own it forever)


  • Restricted to only the tank that you bought. If u want more tanks, u buy more.
  • Credit earning power not as good as premium account
  • Crew Training overshadowed by Training Booklets
  • Once u get a premium tank, u would be sorely tempted to get more.


I tried out Premium Account but found that i couldnt really play very often due to work and i would miss out on daily missions, xp bonus etc. While it was really gd in rushing through tech tree lines, any time that i could not play was money wasted.

I got a premium tank instead so that i can play anytime i want and still earn credits, albeit lesser.

If you want to get gold instead, a gd suggestion would be to wait until the end of the year for the Christmas Loot Boxes. Those offer a mix of gold, premium account time and sometimes good tanks.

Note: when i tried buying lootboxes for the first time, i got the same cost equivalent of gold+prem time as if i bought them by themselves. However, i got some premium tanks (no is-3a sadly) and a Santa commander etc. So imo its a pretty gd bargain.

Lastly, if you want to look at Premium Account, i have included the breakdown of avg cost per day of the Prem time packages in gold

1 day = 250gold

3 days = 650 (216.66 per day)

7 days = 1250 (178.57 per day)

14 days = 1800 (128.57 per day)

30 days = 2500 (83.33 per day)

90 days = 7500 (83.33 per day)

180 days = 13500 (75 per day)

360 days = 2400 (66.66 per day)


Hope this helps you in your decision making.

As always, spend within your limits and set a budget.



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