The Potatoes Guide to the Char Futur 4

Welcome to the first, but hopefully not last, potato-guide to specific tanks.

The series will evaluate tanks, and give them a potato score from 1-10, with ten potato being the easiest most potato-friendly tank imaginable.

This was requested quite a bit after my Potatoes Guide to doing better, and I'm sorry I haven't gotten around to it sooner, but here we go!

Char Futur 4, as of May 2020

This tank is not potato-friendly. With 4 long seconds between shots, and 36+ seconds clip reload, you need to have a solid understanding of the flow of battle, team setup, and map tactics.

In skilled hands this is a good, maybe even great tank, but in potato hands it's absolute trash. It has no reliable armor, only passable view range, and you need to understand bush/camo mechanics to stay safe.

This tank will likely have a high damage average as well, so not only will you lose a lot, you'll get even worse stats while doing it, as WN8 is based on other players performance in the same tank.

Potato-score: 3 potato (not suitable for potato).


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