Help the American mediums

Without a doubt the M48 is the highlight of the american tech tree. Possibly the best medium in the game, but all of the mid and high tiers below it are lackluster, and I feel have been shadowed by other tech tree vehicles.

The T20. My first tier 7 in the game and the worst tank I can remember playing. To be granted I had been playing for only 3 or so years before and still very bad at the game, but even now I dont think I could preform well in it. Its disgusting penetration makes confronting tier 8, 9 and even some equal tier heavies a challenge. Its DPM isn't great and other gun handling stats, and armor is all lucky bounces. Now too be fair I got this thing in 2015, and alot has changed since then, but I'm still skeptical to buy it back, even when on a discount and considering tier 7 is my favorite and probably the best tier in the current stages of the game.

Next in line is the Perhsing. The best tank of ww2 (fight me wheraboos) and my 2nd favorite tank. But in the game it's my least favorite. This was also my first tier 8 but yet again, was the worst gameplay ive had compared to the T20. So tier 8 gets the worst mm (atleast with my luck) and going against tier 10, oh boy bring your lucky premium ammo. This has the same fate as the T20, poor penetration of 190 and DPM that makes tier 7's laugh. Dispersion is .35 and shell velocity is 975. Ok so it's not a sniper, what about close to midrange? Wouldn't count on it, hull armor is 101 and turret armor is 127. And the mobility too makes this thing look like an armor less heavy. It is just not competitive enough with the current stage of the game.

I would talk about trying to improve other aspects of the line but this is getting too long and my break is ending at work :P. 2020 for wot was a good year for the game. I think we saw the most buffs to the most iconic and original tanks in the game in the span of a few months. I will hope though however that these tanks I listed get more attention. I'd hate to see my favorite tank of ww2, and my favorite tech tree be neglected. But if yall do like the T20 or the Pershing do say why, it has been a long while since I've played them and would like to know the scoop about them nowadays. Even if I didn't like them, they were my first tanks in the game and would like to buy them back just for nostalgic purposes.


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