Honest question about the HE rebalance….

…was HE spam actually really stupid this entire time and we just got used to it or something?

I've mostly been playing tiers 8-10 for the past…. over a year actually and all of my tier 3-5 tanks have mostly been collecting dust.

I just tried dipping my toes back into tiers 3-5 recently just to shoot the shit and, IDK if things have changed or if my memory is just bad, but have 105mm derp guns ALWAYS been this stupid? A Hetzer with a 105mm gun, tier for tier, makes the FV 183 and the KV-2 look like a joke. I can't imagine how miserable the new player experience must be trying to deal with these.

Honestly, playing lower tiers again makes me really sympathetic to WG's plans for the HE rebalance. Is that just me? Are derp guns actually fine right now? Or is WG right and HE spam is actually dumb?

Source: https://www.reddit.com/r/WorldofTanks/comments/e1y55a/honest_question_about_the_he_rebalance/

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