How are we realistically expected to complete SPG15 for the Object 260?

I mean seriously, the 3500 stun and assistance is feasible. But being top in experience? That's a complete joke, especially now that they have nerfed arty. It's extremely rare to be top of the team in an arty, especially a high tier one. This is genuinely almost impossible. Forget about the secondary conditions of doing 4k damage and winning the battle. I've actually done it once but of course I still wasn't top of team in XP.

Has anyone completed this mission without spending the orders on it?

While we are on the topic of dumb missions, MT15 is pretty stupid as well. It's not a medium tank's job to just go around doing damage to TDs, not to mention there's rarely even an opportunity to do 3500 damage to TDs as there aren't enough in the game. It's just complete luck rather than skill.

Why hasn't Wargaming revamped some of these missions to reflect the current state of the game? It's much needed.


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