How do you deal with toxic teammates when playing lights?

Seriously, how? I'm so fed up with getting called a r*tard or bot just because I'm not playing like an EBR in my BC 12t.

I started playing last year and currently sitting at almost 3k battles, 48%wr. While I'm not the best of players, I usually try to do my part. A couple months ago I wanted to learn the ropes of light tanks and went for 13 105 line. I know they're not very "meta" atm because of wheelies but I figured I'd be more detrimental to every team I play with if I went for the EBR line right away.

From what I've understood I shouldn't be running and gunning around the map as wheelies do. So, in this couple of months, I've tried to develop a game plan and it goes like this:

When I'm top or mid-tier, I start my games with surfing a common ridge then pull back until enemy lights are dead which usually happens fairly quickly. In bottom-tier matches, I try to find a bush that I can sit in alongside hardcover or a good exit line and spot passively. Of course, this is not one-size-fits-all and changes depending on the matchup and current game situation.

The problem starts when I'm being passive. Whenever I'm not lighting the whole enemy team at the very start of the game, arties or sniper mediums starts getting salty and flood the chat with pings and insults. Or worse, some of them push me out of bushes.

For example, a couple days ago I was playing in Mannerheim line and spotted 7 people sniping from the mountains and around including a full hp borat and ELC sitting in the middle. Our TD took care of the ELC quickly. After that, I fell back a little because I didn't have enough HP, and fighting a bourrasque with my 680 clip didn't seem enough of a good idea. Then what? Arty starts calling me a useless bot because "no spot". Mind you, almost all of the team was lit at the time and I still don't understand what they wanted me to do.

Another game in Berlin: I'm bottom tier in a T10 match and there's an EBR 105 and LT-432 in the enemy team. I knew the EBR would run along the trench so my instinct was to be careful when spotting people in the field. Lo and behold I start getting shot at by one of our mediums who was sitting in the bush, they started calling me an idiot and told people to report me for reasons that are unknown to me. Then after that, they went out of their way, got spotted and shot at just so they could push me down the ridge. Of course, both of us died in the process.

Sorry for this long rant. I'm just disappointed with light tanks because they're obviously more important to winning the match but they're not as much fun as I thought they'd be for this very reason.

TLDR: What do you do when you're passive spotting and your teammates start flaming you for not being more active?


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