I admire wargaming, in a manner.

People say this game is stagnant or degrading, that WG are greedy fucks and dont play their own game, that they care about money and rather make some idiotic excuses like 'we need more data' when they have literally hundreds of millions of battles every month to gather enough data to catch even slightest deviations from previous version.

Its all true.


WG actually wroked hard and amount of work cant be even imagined. I believe they need this much people and resources to actually calculate and balance the game so perfect few people actually see it. WOT balanced extremely well between core gameplay (driving, shooting, dealing damage) and a fuckton of mechanics that are there to simply make you frustrated. Frustrated and addicted playerbase pays much more that grateful playerbase. Frustrated and addicted playerbase also makes more noise in the media and there is no such thing as bad PR in business.

All these small and big things to make you struggle, all the 'bugs' that arent fixed for years, slowpoke like rates at which data is gathered, arty, gold ammo and even wots openness about playerstats is all there to make sure that you have a good time, just not good enough. Its like a chinese water torture with blackjack and hookers: behind shiny visuals and fun shooting theres a smal drop of crap (sometimes literally and not smal from something like T92) everytime you click that 'to battle' button.

At first you dont even notice it. Maybe after a couple of hundreds or thousand of battles you really start to see whats going on but its too late. You are soo deep that there is no way back. You believe that premium time will help you, or maybe that t8 premium will help you make more creditsxp that crew faster. Maybe you try to play events.

But nothing will help, and increments are just so small "ill just play a couple of battles every day".

Its perfect. WG knew people will even advocate for this bs and say 'just play tier 5-7' or 'play for fun'. They know there is no such thing as FUN in wot. Wot is about ruining the day of a sorry fucker who gets to match against you. OR maybe its your time to be xp pinnata for someone else.

To make all of it work you really need to gather a shitton of data, to catch smallest changes, to find and fix any leakage of limited elite "joy" you can get from the game. To make sure people would roar but still eat the cactus. And if things get just a little bit out of touch just throw in a seemingly large patch that actually does nothing, divide the attention of a playerbase by annoucing new premium or even new branchtree. Start a new event. Answer some spicy questions online. All is under control.

(TInfoil)Hats off, wg.

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