Repair cost reduction on non-premium elite tanks

I've been playing WoT on console for a little more than 5, nearing on 6 years if I had to give it a guess. I understand that the differences between console and PC world of tanks do exist. This is simply a potential discussion that, in all reality will most likely get very little traction.

I had a discussion with a friend after a match and I came to suggest the idea that once you make a tank elite, research everything for it and the next tank/tanks, repair costs should be reduced. I initially suggested reducing costs by half but a 3rd is much more reasonable.

This topic came up because I don't enjoy playing my tier 8 and up tanks and losing silver every defeat if I'm not using a premium account. I understand some games you just get stomped and that's fine, it happens, losing silver there makes sense. But a match where you did well and placed in the top five of your team and still lose silver because you lost isn't fun.

This may come off as whining, but I really just want it to be a discussion point. Take care fellow tankers PC and Console alike.


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