i cant see where people are liking the Charioteer, i need help with it stock

so far it has no redeeming features other than the mobility, its gun is sub par for a MT let alone a TD and i actually really enjoyed the MT line, you'd be lucky to hit a target 20ft away cause the aim time almost competes with the KV2 and the 0.37 accuracy at 100m… what is this an SPG?, the camo values for a TD are hilariously bad (8% after firing with a 20pndr is a joke).

ive tried 2nd lining MT's but due to the lack of Armour it quickly becomes a priority target, ive tried playing it as a TD long range but due to its almost embarrassing accuracy and appalling camo rating even with a camo net i'm being out spotted by tier 7 HT's i know i have alot of this to come with the tier 9/10 but at least the risk is worth the reward when you actually land the shot.

other than Free XP due to my major lack of patience to save it, how do you deal with this…. thing.

Source: https://www.reddit.com/r/WorldofTanks/comments/buma60/i_cant_see_where_people_are_liking_the_charioteer/

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