Elite Queue Is So Awesome!!!!

So today I was playing lots of Elektra Queue games because I was carried to top 5 in regular games. But then, when I joined the Eleit Queue for a game, I got a streak of 4. I haven’t lost the streak yet because after the 4th top 5, I just stopped playing because I had to do something. In the Elite Queue., there are so many good people playing the game. I am very bad at aiming and killing someone. But during this Elite Queue, I found out that if your teammates were competent, you were more confident. I got much better at my aiming, firing, and my ability use from the Elite Queue. I also found out which are my 2 preferred guns. The Alternator SMG and the Havoc rifle with the turbocharger. Elite Queue was one of the best gaming experiences i have ever encountered. Also, lots of the Elite Queue games I’ve played I have gotten 1st. Like maybe 75% of the time I will have 1st place in Elite Queue. The Elite Queue is just so much fun.

Source: https://www.reddit.com/r/apexlegends/comments/by0d7i/elite_queue_is_so_awesome/

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