I have spend around 700euros on this game in 10years.

I have 40K battles in randoms.

If you average 7m per battle, that makes us 4660 hours of gameplay, make that at least 5000 hours, which includes time in frontlines/clan wars, various events and time in garage (but not afk).

Some fast math that makes it,

0.14€/hour of gameplay.

Lets compare to other games.
a 20€ game that gives 100hours of gameplay (thats a very good scenario…).

Thats 0.2€/hour or much more if the game costs more than 20€.

And of course there is always the risk, that you buy a game, that you never play more than 5hours, because it just doesnt "captivate" you. My steam has like 40 titles with EXCEPTIONAL reviews, that i have never played. These titles are bought mostly after huge discounts, but still, even 7euros is too much if you've never played them.

WOT is actually cheaper. I was thinking all these, while feeling guilty about the lootboxes that im planning to buy.

what's your experience?

*my budget estimate i believe is accurate, or even a bit exaggerated. In all honesty i dont downplay it. However, i must note that in the first 5 years i was mostly F2P, while most of the money were spend in the last 4years, as my finances got much better.

Source: https://www.reddit.com/r/WorldofTanks/comments/k9bn0x/i_have_spend_around_700euros_on_this_game_in/

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