I stopped playing World of Tanks 5 years ago and I came back today. I’m glad I did!

No, this isn't some happy story. It reminded me how awfully broken the game is and why I stopped playing in the first place. It doesn't reward team work. There isn't any balance. It was fun for maybe 150 battles but then all the shit that made me quit 5 years ago started happening again. 17 Ls in a row? You got it! The next day? Carrying your team both dmg and kill-wise and you lose 3x but when your team finally decides to win in the 4th you somehow get sniped out by the Arty even tho you positioned yourself behind a huge fucking rock? Naturally you win when you do absolutely fucking nothing but when you carry your team you lose. And you lose. And you keep losing until you quit unless you're some huge blind fanboy who doesn't see the flaws and only plays the game. This game seriously needs to be reworked.

During this month I was chat-banned more often than not for telling my team what to do and calling them idiots when they didn't and they died to stupidness while all the BOT light tanks who hide behind me (I'm in a TD, waiting for them to spot) don't get any punishment for not playing properly? How come you can get chat banned so easily for cussing while I've never seen or been banned from playing because I played like an actual bot? How are you trying to motivate players to play normally if you don't punish them for playing like absolute trash? I'm talking to you, Lynx 6×6 who was literally told by the entire team to go the fuck to spot yet he didn't do anything and hid behind us, thinking he was a TD. (7000+ rating by the way, it blew my mind!)

I was so optimistic first I even bought premium and then a premium tank thinking it's a good idea but no, I regret spending money on this half baked unbalanced game that doesn't take skill into consideration and is full of shit. Downvote me fanboys, you know there are serious underlying issues with the game. It wouldnt have 3/5 star rating on Google if it was good. It's time to try out WT.

Also here, WoT acc for sale for 10$ with 20 days of premium left (/s, don't ban me for Rule 2)

Source: https://www.reddit.com/r/WorldofTanks/comments/kx6tky/i_stopped_playing_world_of_tanks_5_years_ago_and/

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