Im tired of the new map desings

I remember when i started playing the game back when i was 12 when my father introduced me to World of Tanks and he taught me how to play. Stuff like shoot ahead of the direction they are moving or shoot at the lower part of the tank. What made a huge impression to me was the diversity in map design.

Back in the old days, I remember when maps were actually thought of, and were designed with action taking place almost everywhere. My favorite map ever was Dragon's Ridge or whatever it was called when it was released. There were multiple routes you could take and i remember taking a light or something to the heavy line and having fun as a noob (can't say the same for my teammates now that i think about it now though).

Now, as a player that plays a couple of battles per day, I can say that new maps lack this thing when designed. It's like they created the left half or the top half of the map, and then mirrored it using the x axis or the y axis respectively. I understand they are trying to achieve balance for both teams, with each team having the same chance to win. But this is not fun. Game starts to feel like a repeat of the same game,with very little variation between each game in those maps. Ghost Town is the perfect example of this. It's the perfect copy of itself when u mirror it using the x axis.

Now I'm not saying to return to maps like El Halluf after that mini rework at the top left corner. That version of the map was giving an advantage to the team that spawned on the top spawn. Those versions of the map were unfair for 1 team and I'm glad those were removed(looking at you mines encounter). But i liked that version more that the current one that's mirrored diagonally.

I personally think it is Wargaming's job to offer us maps that are enjoyable and fair,yet not mirrored. They have shown that they can do it,and very well at that. My favorite map now is Mountain Pass. I feel i can have an impact regardless of the side I'm spawned at and each game is diverse enough that i don't get bored.

What's your viewpoint on this? Do you agree or disagree with me?


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