I’m on track for the 277 (and eventually IS-7) and I just recently got the IS-3. People have told me all the time that it’s an awesome tank, but all I remember whenever I’ve gone up against it is how easy it is to go right through the upper plate, especially in my T34 (ik it has higher pen for it’s tier, but I’ll be seeing plenty of 9’s & 10’s anyway)

How exactly should it be played? Hull down is a bit tough with how low profile the turret is, not leaving much room to get over mounds without showing the body of the tank. And side-scraping is tough because even with a severe angle, you’re still showing a somewhat flattened frontal plate. Same issue if you peak head first.

Is it kind of like the Tiger I where you just have to accept the weak frontal armor and do your best to side scrape and wait for others to shoot and mess up?



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