Is it just me or are battles becoming more one sided?

I don't know if this is just me but in the current version of world of tanks it seems like most battles last only about 5 minutes with a score of about 15-3. I remember, when I joined about 6 years ago, intense end of game 3v3 battles seemed common and now they are seldom found. Although I am not certain of the reason I have ideas of what are contributing to these frustrating rofl stomps; increased dpm, and increase speed.

Increased dpm means that battles are often quicker and the side of each map that offers little cover(usual for light tanks and medium tanks) is won by a team in usually the first 3 minutes.

Couple that with blistering speeds of 55-60 kph and you get a meta that means as soon as one side of the map is one, the whole game is won. No more strategy required, just get your fasted tank and lemming train down one side.

If you want further proof of that fast high dpm mediums tanks decide the entire battle just look at what tanks high win-rate players use: fast, high dpm, tanks.

Wargaming please do what is right for us tankers and make the meta more fun and enjoyable for all tanks.


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