Is it just me, or are the base credit and XP for victory a bit beyond ridiculous?

Just finished a match in the Stürer Emil where I was able to contribute literally nothing to the match (my team blitzed the enemies immediately and won with near zero casualties, no need for defensive sniping, and zero need for supporting fire) but my team won. I somehow, despite not doing anything to help win, got just over 10k credits and just over 1k XP.

In contrast, in matches where I rack up 5+ kills and my team still loses, I'm lucky if I can get 8k credits and 800 XP.

Is it just me, or is something wrong with this? I mean, yes, it's a team game, yes it's technically not possible to carry a match solo (except for the rare cases it happens and you still get almost nothing for it because you lose), but the point at which the performance of everybody else on your team matters more than your own for your earnings unless you are literally carrying the rest of your team almost by yourself, something is a bit wrong here.


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